Friday, November 13, 2009

More Random Thoughts

Sometimes it’s nice to just put down some random thoughts because they are lonely and have nowhere else to go. Not big enough for a blog, but too big for Twitter. OK, maybe I just made that up, but still, random.

Big Bang Theory is actually a watchable network sitcom. I’ve also discovered, late into the game, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I just got invited to a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) game/event. At first I thought it was like a key party, but turns out it’s a Deadwood themed party that’s actually also a game. So I’ll need to work on my pronunciation of “cocksucker”. I haven’t committed to it yet, but I will say I am intrigued and requested more information. I do remember playing Dungeons and Dragons in high school ON PAPER, but this would obviously be far nerdier. In fact, I think this may be Nerd Everest. Once you LARP, I mean what’s left? Building your own sex robot, maybe, but I don't know how to do that.

I do NOT look like that guy from Imagination Movers….. He looks like me.

Sometimes the best part about having two kids is thinking about how great it is that you don’t have three.

When I have 50 followers I’ll add the Followers gadget. Only 41 more to go.

I am always one social networking site behind, which I think says something about me and my social and networking skills.

I haven’t performed in Las Vegas since the summer and I am really beginning to miss it. I’m the only one who goes to Las Vegas to get some sleep.

I just got the PS3 Netflix disk in the mail and it’s awesome. Netflix on my TV! Limited on-demand library! Imagine if they actually had movies I wanted to watch on demand!

Just watched Coraline on Blu Ray and the 3-D actually works. Imagine my surprise. 3D on TV used to be relegated to getting the glasses at Wawa and then when the show “event” would come on it wouldn’t work and be blurry. I remember Creature from the Black Lagoon and some Kung Fu movie from my youth. Neither worked.

Between the baby and the cat, some days it seems like I’m cleaning up crap all day long. Either in a box or in a diaper, it’s there, and it has to go.

I bought the new Paramore CD and while I’m enjoying it I feel guilty about it.


feefifoto said...

Existential question: if you get to 50 readers, install the widget, and then fall to 49 readers, will you uninstall? Or will installation of the widget just indicate the line of demarcation between the pre-50 days and post-50 days?

Bolton said...

I think the kung fu movie was called "Dynasty" I remember I tried to watch it in my grandfathers camper on a 9 inch black and white TV.

I was sitting there with the 3D glasses probably looking like a dork. Only my grandmother wouldn't have said anything.

They promoted the thing for weeks. I was so excited only to die a little inside.

Tammy Howard said...

I'm glad I don't have three kids, too...

I'd probably go to the LARP event. Just sayin'. Don't judge.

Badass Geek said...

I would think Nerd Everest to be having your life be similar, if not exact to the people on Big Bang Theory.

Juli Ryan said...

I think the key to getting 50 readers must be to run a contest, or to have a giveaway. Follow me, and I'll give you some rubbish from my house?

I kind of want to go to the LARP thing. Can you get me an invite?

Suzy said...

As weird as this sounds, more people will follow you once you the widget up.

I've never seen a 3D movie in my life. I don't know whether that's good or bad.

Kat said...

If you lived in the UK you wouldn't have to hide your Paramore CD. They are kind of a big deal here.

Ann's Rants said...

I love Nerd Everest.

Back in college, when I was all thespian, I was part of a murder mystery troupe.

Nerd Rushmore, I suppose, but featuring that annoying comedy/tragedy pair.

WhisperingWriter said...

I love my Netflix.

I need to visit Las Vegas at some point.

The Big Bang Theory seems funny. I've caught a few minutes of it. It has that kid who played David in Roseanne in it. Roseanne was an awesome show too.

Vodka Mom said...

let's see - my random thoughts for the day:

Are those Mickey Dolenz's real teeth?

Why in God's name did they give Lorenzo Lamas a reality show?

Who the hell picked Hef's new girls? Honestly? Not that I WATCH that show or anything.....

Vodka Mom said...

and tell Suzy to pass the popcorn. She'll eat it all if we let her.

Andrea Christine Lagourgue said...

Reading you blog entry just a few days late....story of my life. Sometimes the best part of having three kids (2.5 yr and 9month twins) is realizing that I could have four.

Random thought: Did the Wiggle guys grow up saying that they wanted to be on a show where they look like idiots and drive in a miniature car? Their parents must be proud.

Chris Mancini said...

Such great insights and advice. OK, I've added the followers gadget to actually get more followers. Eric, You may be right about "Dynasty" and now I'm thinking I will go to the Deadwood LARP. I just need a cowboy hat, right? I already have dirty jeans and boot spurs.

Chelle said...

I love random posts. Seriously awesome.

Big Bang Theory is excellent! And we LOVE It's Always Sunny. So hilarious and it!

And you just gained me as a follower...yeah!

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