Monday, March 26, 2012

Teaching a Daddy Class

Wow, two posts back to back. Crazy, right? I wanted to talk about this online class I’m teaching for new Dads. April 9th it starts and goes once a week for four weeks. And if you can’t make the live times obviously you can listen to them later. It’s the internet. You can do whatever you want.

Here’s the page:

When the company approached me my initial reaction was... No. This feels like self-help scammy nonsense and I don’t want to be a part of it. It’s only $100 bucks but only $50 if you register early. Still, I wasn’t sold.

But then they said something that changed my mind. They said the most important thing is to get the information out there, and if people can’t afford the tuition they can take the class for free. With no upsell on timeshares or Amway products.

Then it started sounding good to me. Honestly, I want people to be good Dads. When I was about to become a father, I had no idea what I was doing, and no one to talk to about it. That’s why I wrote my book, Pacify Me. And that’s why I’m doing this class, and I’ll be answering questions directly from the students. (I almost said audience) Getting my jobs confused…

Am I a parenting expert like Dr. Spock or Dr. Sears? Of course not. That’s not the point. The point is that guys (and gals) need dude to dude or dude to lady honesty about what it’s going to be like to have a child, and how your life is going to change. And personally, I think that information is invaluable. You can always buy books or talk to your doctors about the practical and medical stuff.

So sure, I want people to pay for the class but I agree with the Entheos Academy--it’s more important to get the information out there. If you need it, I want you to have it.

So see you in class. Someone please bring me a jpeg of an apple.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Year Older

Wow. I know, it’s like I never even blog anymore. Honestly, the new book THE COMEDY FILM NERDS GUIDE TO MOVIES pretty much took over. I’ve never “edited” a book before. With 12 other writers on the book it was a lot of time both writing and editing and there was little time for anything else, including sleeping and eating. But I always seem to find time for eating. Oh, well, another issue for another day.

I had a birthday earlier this month, and it was great. Had a great weekend with the family and opened some presents, had a few friends over, my wife cooked a lovely dinner and it was cool. But then I took one day for myself, which I never do anymore.

I dropped the kids off, maybe a little too quickly, and then headed for Malibu where I went for a hike. Luckily my friend Graham called me while I was doing it so if I had been bitten by a rattlesnake, at least one person would have know where I was.

Then it was off to the movies. I saw a matinee of Wanderlust. We have two movie theaters near us, a good one and a shitty one. The shitty one had a better time so I went there. I never go there because it’s well, shitty, but I took the chance. The theater was empty, and they couldn’t get the movie to project properly. Which by the way, is the SECOND time this has happened to me at this theater. It fascinates me. A Movie theater only has to do ONE thing. Project a movie. And they couldn’t do it. I didn’t really care about the movie so it wasn’t that big a deal and I got a free pass to come back, which I will NEVER use.

Then it was off to the mall for a foot massage. Yes, you read that right. My feet had been hurting a bit lately from walking, attempting jogging, and Yoga. So I went to the massage place at the mall. And the older Japanese man gave me the price list and I walked in with him. Man, they had everything from full body to just feet. Didn’t really have the time for full body, or the patience, so I picked the 20 minute foot massage for around 20 bucks. Then too late I realized that the dude who handed me the price list would do it. Didn’t I get to pick my masseuse? I al least wanted a lady. Too late. Well, I didn’t want to be rude. So I let the older Japanese dude do it.

It was OK, I think my feet were a little sore so it kinda hurt in parts put at the end my feet felt WAY better than when I walked in, so mission accomplished. Later, my wife said “I could have rubbed your feet and we could have saved the money” Then I said something really creepy like “You’ll never rub my feet the way a 50 year old Japanese man at the mall can.” Nothing more was said for a good 20 minutes.

Yes, I’m another year older, which sucks. Blog posts about missing my youth would take up hundreds of pages and the rest of the year. Sometimes I think it’s a good thing I don’t have time to write them. But I’m here, and while the cliché is “I can’t complain,” I’ve found I’m really very good at it. So I will continue to count my blessings, be joyful, age ungracefully, and complain. But I will try to at least complain more joyfully.

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