Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And The Contest Winner is...

No one. No one has guessed correctly yet. The contest is still open. But a number of good questions have been raised so here’s some more info:

The DVD, sadly, is not porn. It’s a collection of my short films that have been on the SCI FI Channel, HBO, and various festivals and have lots of comedians and actors who I begged into being in them like Paul F. Tompkins, Jay Johnston, Dean Cameron, Jennifer Elise Cox and Andy Kindler. Clowns, Hitmen, Leprechauns, Living Suits, Killer donuts and other weirdness.

I was indeed a spotter for American Gladiators and had to go to the hospital when a two story pyramid ran over my foot. My first job in Hollywood. The glamour!

I proofread vitamin labels as a temp job. One day I had to take off to tape Evening at the Improv. The next day I was back to work.

I worked for the Daily Local News in West Chester, PA and had to check the various police blotters for crimes.

I worked at a deli counter after I got fired from K-mart. (ah, but which job? Or both?) Same shopping center. Same shopping center I’m doing a book signing at next Saturday, August 1. Chester County Book and Music Company in West Chester, PA.

I have worked as a video game tester for Activision on Empires and I have worked at EA on Command and Conquer 3. I'm actually in the credits.

I’ve worked as a temp in various offices. One I almost walked out when my boss looked at old pizza in the fridge and called to me from the other side of the office and told me to throw it away instead of actually reaching in six inches in front of him and doing it himself.

So the contest remains open. Keep commenting with your guesses on the previous thread and I’ll tell you when we have a winner.


Chris said...

Wait you got fired from K-Mart? When the heck did that happen and how did I manage to forget it? You were a rising star as I recall, going from check-out to supervisor to cash change. Did Mr. Sykes think you were gunning for his job and fire you before you could orchestrate a coup?

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