Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Two Worlds Collide

I recently went on the road and did a few great shows in Indiana at the Comedy Attic. It was a blast. Here’s how I knew I was in Indiana: There were TWO bibles in the hotel room drawer. One from the Mormons, and one from the Gideons. The funny thing was they were on opposite ends of the drawer, like they weren’t allowed to touch. Or there would be a Godsplosion.

Usually when I go in the road it (is rare, a break, I get some adult time and can talk about things other than Wow Wow Wubbzy, and I get to sleep in). Most of these things didn’t happen this time, and it was a very interesting trip.

First of all, no sleep. The travel schedule was tough with flying into Chicago, so no sleep. And then we did the Bob and Tom radio show the next day, so no sleep again.

But what really caught me off guard was when we got to the club’s green room where we hang out before the show. There was a pack ‘n play in it. The club owners had just had a baby. And he was in the green room. This caught me off guard a bit. My life had always been so compartmentalized. It was the weirdo entertainment side, and the baby/family side. They were never in the same room before.

Now, this little boy was adorable and only eight months old. And I have to say, I’m not a FOOPK (Fan Of Other People’s Kids) so it’s unusual for me to be enamored with another baby. But I was missing my kids a bit so I held him a little.

So as the shows went on over the weekend I would do my set and then sometimes hold the baby if the club owners had to take care of things like work lights and drop checks. So I was actually doing standup and occasional babysitting in the span of about 30 minutes. I even gave the new parents some tips since I had been through it twice now. I was the dude giving sage baby advice in a comedy green room. When did that happen?!

So I got to sleep in ONE morning and then pulled another all-nighter of travel back to LA. Wow, what a trip. The shows were great, the trip was fun, and it was interesting to see my two different worlds collide for the first time. Now let's never let that happen again.


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