Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the Season...

To be siiick, cough cough cough cough cough, cough cough cough cough. I never really noticed flu season before I had kids. Sure there was flu around, but I rarely got it and I also rarely got flu shots.

Now with a child in daycare and one at home with me it seems like from September to March we just have to buy $600 worth of tissues, Purell, and Claritin, which is not cheap by the way.

Remember when you could actually buy cold medicine over the counter? Now thanks to a few enterprising meth freaks and some media hype I need to show my driver’s license to buy Claritin or any cold medicine that actually works. Sure, you can still buy “reformulated” cold medicine on the shelf but you may as well be buying Pez. It doesn’t do anything for you.

So here we are and our 18 month old has ANOTHER cold. And now I have it. Now he’s getting better and I don’t have the energy to chase him around the house. Help me, television. Sometimes On Demand Sesame Street can actually help you keep your sanity. Thanks, PBS. While we like to limit television, let’s be honest: Exhaustion often trumps the danger of ADD.

A month ago he actually got sick going to get his flu vaccine. Not FROM the flu vaccine, but from being in the hot zone that is the pediatrician’s office when he got it. I know there is a lot of controversy about vaccines, but I'm not sure if it is warranted, to be honest. We got our children vaccinated. We listen to our doctors about what’s best medically for our children; not comedians, right wing loons, or playboy playmates. We decided that a good litmus test on who you should listen to would be: When your child gets sick or hurt, do you call your doctor or a celebrity?

A stomach virus recently went through our entire house, including through my visiting mother. Not pleasant. I however did not get it. When my wife asked me why, I explained to her that I am so anxious all the time about my career that the excess stomach acid flows so copiously that no virus or bacteria could survive in that kind of agitated environment.

So I’m hoping we’ll be through this “trial by virus” in the next few years and the kids’ software boots up a bit and we get a few less germs in the house. At this rate, the four year old seems to be doing pretty well. She’s been much healthier compared to previous years. All she’s doing now is surreptitiously carrying the daycare germs into the house for the rest of the family like she’s in some Michael Crichton novel.

Any way you can Purell the air?


SciFi Dad said...

Why limit yourself? Dalene Kurtis was both a doctor AND a playmate.

Bolton said...

You mean Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't know what's best for my kids?

Hope you all feel better soon.

Suzy said...

The cold I had twice before, or was it 3 times, has come back worse than before. At least with the flu you sleep all the time. But like you, my inability to separate my career from life just gives me insomnia.

I'm taking Contac and was taking Sudafed and they dry up your nose. I have to take them every 4 hours on the nose (heh)

Badass Geek said...

I would get a flu shot if it was administered by a Playboy bunny.

Juli Ryan said...

During the flu season in NZ, I was so obsessed with hand sanitizer that I began to think getting sick would be better than having OCD.

Pearl said...

Fresh off a prescription for Tamiflu and having read the first three Harry Potter books in a week and a half, you have my sympathies.


Ann's Rants said...

Just a cold over here.

Oh and yes, very tired. Always.

Vodka Mom said...

brilliant ploy to get your mother in law to NOT come back.

Wish I'd thought of that.

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