Sunday, August 23, 2009

How I Met Rowdy Roddy Piper at the Denny's

OK, so I’d been staying at the Best Western for a few days while large men ripped out our kitchen. Week one. Our house is, well, a mess. Even the dust has a thin layer of dust on it. I can only look forward to the day our kitchen will be complete, many years into the future. But anyway, there I was eating every day with Griffin at the Denny’s which was next to the hotel. They got to know me. I was a regular at the Denny’s, at least for a few days.

One morning I go in and who walks in but wrestling legend Rowdy Roddy Piper with two other friends. He sits down at a table close to me. He still wears his “Hot Rod” shirt and looks absolutely great. I have no idea how old the guy is, but he looks like he is his early 50’s. I’m pretty sure he’s a little older, but like I said the man looks great. I better stop now because soon it will sound like I have a crush on him.

I grew up watching him. From going to see him live at the Spectrum in Philly to watching him in Wrestlemania. I went to see Wrestlemania 3 live in Atlantic City about 100 years ago. But also seeing him in movies like They Live with the extended wrestling fight scene was hilarious. He was an entertainer, could be the bad guy, had an amazing sense of humor and was one of my favorites along with Sergeant Slaughter. I even remember him beating the shit out of Morton Downey Jr. during one of the Wrestlemania stunts. Hilarious. Old School wrestling and old school spectacle.

So you would think I would have gone up to him and introduced myself. But I didn’t. I didn’t want to bother him. Another guy sat down next to him and I listened and it was really hilarious to hear Rowdy Roddy Piper in Denny’s say the word “Grand Slam” I always feel like people want to be left alone and I rarely get star struck, but ultimately I just paid my bill and walked out.

I walked to the target and got some more formula for Griffin and then walked back to the hotel. And then I went passed the Denny’s again. I stopped. I wondered if Rowdy Roddy was still there. I thought I may never get the opportunity again and I thought (ridiculously) that it would be a much more interesting story and blog post if I did go up to him.

So I went back in.

I said excuse me and went up to Rowdy Roddy Piper and told him I was a big fan and grew up watching him. He instantly stood up and was the most gracious dude ever. I got a few pics, and I could tell the guy is really appreciative and loves his fans. It wasn’t the fake “thank you, please don’t bother me” vibe that some celebrities give off. It was genuine and I’m glad I met him.
Then it got a little ironic. The guy who was with Rowdy Roddy recognized ME. “You’re a comedian, aren’t you? We met a while back. I saw you sitting over there before” How crazy was that?

He was another comic who recognized me and I instantly forgot his name the second he told me. When you have two children, your short term memory is simply gone. Bye Bye. I now forget things not just after someone tells me something, but AS they are telling me. I remembered his name later in the shower. It was Tommy James. He is a very funny comedian/writer/producer. Everyone has multiple hats these days. We all have to multitask in this biz.

After introductions I said “I didn’t want to bother you before but then I guess I changed my mind” “It’s no bother,” Rowdy Roddy graciously added. The guy was just awesome.

So now I have a story to tell my son when he grows up and wonders who the large man is in the picture who Daddy was all excited to meet. You know, the hassle of redoing the kitchen doesn’t seem as bad now.


Eric the Bolton said...

That's some good stuff.. We see Shawn Michaels often at church.. But thats not the place to go up and talk to someone about how we admire them..

wheelsonthebus said...

we can only hope our kids keep humoring us as they get older

Badass Geek said...

Awesome, dude!

Guess the dust is worth it.

baseballmom said...

Nuh-uhhhhh-that is NO FAIR!!! I loved him, he was my favorite!

Sassy Pie said...

Dude, I used to be the biggest Rowdy Roddy Piper fan! I used to be a big fan of wrestling (back when there were still two warring organizations) and then wrestling got too... Soap-opera-ey for me.

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